Rds 100% Grandi Successi confirmed Top Employers 2018


As early in 2017, Eduardo Montefusco’s broadcaster, which turns now 40 years old and has around 300 employees, belongs to the small circle of companies recognized, not only for the work environment, but also for the training path, the professional, personal and human growth of the employees.  

Among the parameters analyzed to certify the Top Employers companies are the stimulating and constructive environment, investments in training and development, career planning, merits valorization, personalized remuneration policies and an avant-garde corporate culture. Certification following a long and in-depth analysis supported by objective elements and documentation data that examines over 600 Best Practices and policies in 9 HR areas.

Over the years, RDS worked to build an identity that is increasingly recognizable on the market as an Entertainment Company, revolutionizing the classic idea of ​​radio to become a cutting-edge media, whose fruition now crosses with its formats, the web, the social media world , radio, and events on the territory. All this with the attention of an exclusive dealership for the group (Rds Advertising).

The key strategy that has made the success of RDS 100% Great Successes as Top 2018 Employers, revolves around talent and constant research and development in the context of Welfare internal policies; it is no coincidence that RDS is the only media company to have received this recognition.

In this research, training plays a fundamental role, alternating between moments in the classroom, to acquire and improve in particular the tools and skills in the digital sphere, and training sessions on the job, centered on the pilot project of reverse mentoring: the juniors, with strong digital skills, work alongside senior colleagues to share knowledge and new tools related to technology, social media and new trends, applying them already to the everyday work.

‘Onboarding’ is another of the key words behind the corporate success of Rds. The newly hired employees find at their disposal a built ad hoc platform – from the simple and intuitive interface – in which all the useful information for a first day ‘without stress’ is collected. The system is activated before the official entry into the company and maintained during the year, period in which scheduled and shared audits are carried out to assess the performance of workers with a view to personal and professional growth. The attention for its employees also goes through an innovative welfare policy that guarantees, among other things, a free health prevention service. This is to be included in a rewarding system that RDS 100% Grandi Successi continues to implement and which aims to reward the achievements and goals achieved by its employees, meeting their specific needs and interests.

To make Rds worthy of the Top Employers 2018 recognition there is also the redefinition of the work environment, no longer confined to the usual desks, but extended to the green of a protected park, reachable by bike, and that owns a private gym and a zen-creative area, where ideas and projects can be shared and discussed until they take flight. Tiziana Mennuti, HR Director of RDS : “We are very proud of the work we have done this year, we have focused a lot on developing our resources, because we believe that business growth can not ignore the growth of people. Style and a strong propensity for innovation is what we ask. In return we offer a work environment in which all the energy that music can give away, flows “. Commented the President Eduardo Montefusco: “The innovative approach of our company is not only given by the attention to business and market innovations, which often look overseas, we have just returned from the Ces (Consumer Electronic Show), but above all from that to the processes of People Management and Talent Development, which today represents on the market an asset that contributes to the success of a dynamic company like ours: it is what we call GDW – Gross Domestic Wellness “.

Febbraio 2018